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Umbrellas at Blackwell

We offer a big welcome to Winflow Limited, who have recently moved onto Blackwell Business Park. 

They offer quality Windbrella double canopy umbrellas to suit all of your corporate requirements.

Windbrella revolutionised the umbrella industry with its innovative design features. The double canopy lets the wind pass through the lower canopy and mesh. The mesh venting system gives Windbrella an outstanding ability in strong winds and resists inverting.

For promoting your product, it could be the cheapest form of advertising that you've not thought of!


Umbrellas at Blackwell

So many people have decided to de-clutter their houses by renting self storage space at Blackwell that another unit is to be made into self contained storage rooms.

Each room has it's own intruder alarm system and sizes vary to suit customers needs from ones small enough to hold the youngsters' university possessions (duvet, microwave and books) or large enough to hold the contents of a three bedromed house.

Whatever your situation, you probably had not realised how self storage could help you by giving back your living space.

Go to www.shipstonselfstorage.co.uk for more information